Wood is a very practical and sustainable building material. It is characterised by a long durability, high mechanical strength, and good heat insulation. Out of all available materials used in manufacturing of windows, wood is the one with the weakest heat conductivity. This makes it one of the best materials regarding heat insulation. By choosing wooden window frames, you will not only save heat for your home, you will also decrease heat emissions.

For centuries, people have used wood in construction. It creates a good micro-climate in your place of living, absorbs the excessive moisture from the outside and gives it out again when necessary. Windows and doors made out of this natural, high quality and ecological material makes for warm and cosy atmosphere indoors, and tasteful façade outdoors.

Most popular material for windows is pine-wood. We also make windows from other types of wood, like larch or oak. Wood is a long-lasting material, and it also isolates noise very well.
It has been found that 90% of noise enters the building through windows and doors. Noise pollution and disturbed sleeping may cause various health problems. Good sleep is known to be the key to brain and body recreation, and therefore accounts for good health. Sound isolating wooden windows may be a good solution to concerns when living in the city, as they will protect your home from the surrounding bustle. Wooden windows may significantly improve the quality of your life, by creating a relaxed atmosphere at home. The windows manufactured by the company ''IK Latgales galdnieks'' are known for their great noise insulation
If there is a necessity, wooden windows may be renovated countless times when adjusting them to a certain interior or alterations in façade. This cannot be done with PVC windows. In case of damages or scratches, wooden windows may be renewed easily, while PVC windows stay damaged until they are replaced.

Unlike all other construction materials wood ''breathes'': the wood fibres constantly experience air circulation. This is how wooden windows in buildings keep their balanced level of oxygen and optimal humidity. Wood is an ecologically pure and natural construction material that has no negative effects on human health. Quite the opposite, it is proved that the warm and sunny colour of natural wood positively affects a persons mental state, calms the neural system, and creates good circumstances for a complete relaxation.

Wood possesses a certain sensitivity and consciousness which has been proved by scientific experiments. All religions, traditions and philosophies assign symbolical meaning to forests. Moreover, it has such a significance in our collective consciousness that often the mentalities and characters of different nations are connected with certain trees. For instance, in France, it is the oak tree, in Germany – larch, in Russia – birch, in Siberia – the fir, in Scandinavia – the ash-tree, in America – sequoia, in Africa – the baobab, in Canada – the maple, etc.

In the era of rapid technology development, wooden front doors are comparable to metal doors in the sense of durability. Wood as a material is good for both protecting your home from outside, and completing the interior.
The door slab may be made as a solid construction, or made from several plates. They may be placed both vertically, and horizontally, and decorated with slats to give visual elegance to the door. The frames of doors are made from vertically merged coniferous tree wooden beams. The frame is then filled with a stabilising fibre filler, and this framework is closed from both sides with even HDF plates. All ends and top edge are covered with a decorative film suited to the colour of the frame. NEW. Wood line covering – a new covering that perfectly imitates the structure of the wood material, and has an improved resistance against wearing down and moisture.


Stairs is usually the first furnishing that is built in a house, and also one of the most complex products of woodwork, because the making of it demands all know-how.
A correctly chosen staircase not only looks great and is safe, but also saves plenty of room.
Individual work of our specialists with each client, considering his/her taste and needs, and realizing his/her plans, gives us the opportunity to make the aesthetically most pleasing and maximally functional staircases that will add to and underline the interior design of your house.

The stairs connecting floors is an important means of transportation. Main criterion is – they must be convenient when going both up and down the stairs. If stairs are have an important role in your home, the construction and type of it must have great right amount of attention devoted to choosing it.
The staircases may be stained, varnished or tinted in different shades according to client's needs.
The stairs are made according to order out of solid wood, glued or mixed wood:
• various wood materials: pine, ash, oak
• combined stairs ( e.g., wooden stairs with metal banister, pine stair-steps with an ash-wood slats)
• staircases with open and closed steps
• stairs with a 90° or 180° turn,
• stairs with one or more landings,
• steep stairs, or "zig zag" steps
• stars with rounded steps.

The whole process of making the stairs with our company includes the fitting, development of a project, actual manufacturing of the stairs, delivery and putting up of the stairs in time most convenient to you.


With the CNC cutters of ''IK LATGALES GALDNIEKS'' it is possible to cut wood, plywood, laminate, and plastic up to 3500x1500 mm thick. This technology gives us and our partners the ability to cut out great amounts of precise details of diverse forms and complexities in no-time.
Companies that want to improve their efficiency are welcome to collaborate and use our CNC cutting services.

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